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I could still remember vividly when I first got interested in boy scouting, first I got attracted with the uniform and thought how I will surely looked good in it. I was an observer first watching those fellow schoolmates what they were doing every time they wore their uniform. I usually see them always being in charge of raising the flag every flag ceremony,during school programs I saw them doing the parade of colors and manning the gates so we won't be able to sneak out! Later on I was able to see them in one of their troop meetings when I got an errand from my teacher to bring a letter to the scoutmaster who is also a teacher then in our school. I gave the letter and soon found myself still standing beside the benches listening, then the scoutmaster noticed me and walked towards me, he said "Nice bunch of boys eh?" I said "I guess so sir!" Then he asked me if I'm interested to join? Quickly I muttered "Yes,I wish to join the troop sir!" Then he told me " So what are you waiting for? Sit down and listen" That's how it all started for me as a boy scout.

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