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So I kind of choked on the costs of real stetsons and antique hats and what I felt were  incorrect hats (military/police)- of which there are many.  Using my scout intuition and what I could find around the house I decided to convert a cowboy hat. I hadnt wore the hat in years and when it laid flat the brim was round. So I started by soaking the hat, some dye came out, shaped it with my fingers and dried it with a hair dryer.  The below pictures are hats that I have; an original BSA scout hat, a Marine Drill instructor hat, an Indian military beret ($7- very good quality).  I ordered a Mountie hat strap from a company in California that reproduces them, they are available on ebay ($18).  I will get a kit for vent holes after the hat strap arrives.  My thought is that I really would like to see scouts wearing these hats and that they should be affordable and of quality.  The Scouts in Japan wear them but they are just form felt hats similar to a party hat and not a real working hat.    Here is my effort so far, I will crown my hat with the RESA hat pin when finished. I would love to hear from others regarding this.  I am wearing the final result in my profile photo.  To make a hard hat, use 50/50 washable elmers glue and water paint on, leave dry for a day, reapply as much as needed.

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Comment by Todd Taylor on May 23, 2018 at 20:17

So the hat I am wearing is the one I created from a cowboy slouch hat.  I discovered that the secret to making a hard hat was washable elmers glue, 50/50 with water, just brushed on and set to dry for a day or so.....

Comment by Todd Taylor on January 20, 2018 at 13:37

I would also like to see one of these hats in real life or just a picture.  Thanks.

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