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I was sent his a while back from a scouter in Canada.. I thought it might tickle your senses:
You Know You Are A Boyscout When...

This is for everyone who once was, or still is in Scouting and proud of it!

1-You know all the uses when tying knots.

2-You eat better at camp then you do at home

3-You can find your way around a foreign city without using a map, just the sun.

4-You can pitch a tent anywhere with your eyes closed.

5-You can relate anything you do to a camp story.

6-Your friends limit you to one camp story a day.

7-You get excited about camping in weather any sane person wouldn't venture out in

8-You go to London to visit the BP house and everything else is just a side trip
(This may have changed due to the ale of this building - paid for by the scouts from the 1960's)

9-You sell popcorn instead of cookies, but deep down inside you love those cookies.

10-You've been to at least one jamboree and had the time of your life.

11-You know what a jamboree is.

12-You can match any number you hear in regular conversation to a number in a company/crew you know.

13-You forget that girls in scouting are actually girls until you see them in girls clothing ex. Bathing suite.

14-Girls, you NEVER forget that guys in scouting are guys ;)

15-You can't live without a paddle.

16-You actually know how to use an old fashion compass. (Prismatic)

17-You see a fleur-de-lis and think of scouts, unless you live in Quebec.

18-You are not actually a boyscout but you tell people you are because they have never heard of Ventures or Explorers.

19-You automatically hit it off when someone tells you they are also in Scouting.

20-You schedule your classes around your meetings.

21-You know the very small difference between a scouting and non-scouting event.

22-You can't figure out why people have such a hard time getting their 40 hours of community service in DofE.

23-Fires are made from more Wood than Gas.

24-The meetings go on, even if you are locked out of the meeting room.

25-Tents are optional when camping.

26-Rain is seen as a source of drinking water…not a pain in the butt.

27-You organize your facebook or Ning friends list by scout group or Crew number.

28-You have more badges from camps then you know what to do with.

29-You have a collection of Neckerchief's in more colours then a rainbow.

30- Gaz stoves are the way to go…none of these massive heavy propane tanks.

31-You do know what poison ivy looks like, but you are the first person to get it because you just couldn't care less.

32-You know Nalgenes are the way to go
a) You own many Nalgenes in all sizes and colours.
b) You try but can never succeed to break a
nalgene bottle.
c) You finally break the dang nalgene!

33-You know there is a WW3.

34-You don't know why people use flash lights.

35-You can kick white waters ass in a canoe, but the moment you hit flat water you tip.

36-You first move away from home and all you eat is camp food because it is the only thing you know how to cook.

37-EVERYTHING is just better outdoors.

38-You give a normal person your left hand to shake and don't even realise it until they look at you funny.

39-You see the dirt in your food, but eat it anyway.

40-You begin packing 20 minutes before you're supposed to leave.

41-When every stain has a story behind it.

42-You start humming camp songs at work or in class.

43-You know the exact date that Scouting became Co-ed, and are constantly saying "No, I don't mean Guides...Scouts is Co-ed..." to people the first time you tell them you're in Scouting. And are constantly educating those same people that Scouting goes past the age of 12. And that youth can be as old as 25 in Scouting or the case of Ray & Mick and Adie 120

44-You couldn't imagine dating someone non-scouting. (I did and I am paying for it - LoL)

45-You see a pile of wood near the river and within a short while your floating away.

46-Camping comes second hand nature to you.

47-You could not think of a better way to meet great people then in scouting.

48-Your tent floats at night from all the "gass".

49-When camping and ashes get into your hot chocolate it adds the little bit of extra flavour. Same goes for marsh-mellows.

50-As a Scouter your fire starting tools of choice are flint and steel and camp fuel (which gets pour on when the kids aren't around).

51-Walking the kids to school becomes a wildlife identification hike.

52-You buy your next car based on how much people and gear it will carry.

53-Takes less time to buy food for12 people for camp then it takes to so your own shopping.

54-You have mastered the skill of changing in public without exposing yourself. (Well most of the time anyway)

55-You know your a scout when people at work ask what you did at the weekend then stare at you like you're crazy when you tell them.

56-You know your a scout when you can get everyone's attention with just a cheer!

57-When you & your group do a cheer for a group of people who aren't in scouts they look at you insane when your cubs start yelling things like "watermelon" and "Ray" or even "soup" but you can understand them.

58-When you name your first child Baden.

60-When you have a weather rock outside your house.

61-When your house has as much troop stuff in it as anything else.

61-You are known by your scout name to more people than by your real name.

62-When you have your keys for your den on your keyring next to your house keys.

63-When you introduce yourself as a scout... with a day job too.

64-When you recognise people down the street, but don't recognise them because they are not in uniform.

65-When you actually know what the name of the knot used to tie your shoelaces with is.

66-When you go on a yacht the first time and teach the sailors new knots.

67-You believe that synthetic ropes are more boring because they don't need to be whipped on the ends.

68-When your camping gear consists of a single day pack/ A huge duffel because you have to carry spares for everyone else.

69-When someone asks you how to fix something, and you can give step by step instructions, even though you may have never done it yourself.

70-People offer to lend you a tent for a non Scouting event and then look at you strangely when you explain you have 3 at home.

71-You know your a boyscout when you can strike a match off a bar of soap.

72-You know your a boyscout when you wear a camping shirt to class and everyone looks at you like your diseased.

73-You know your a boyscout when you brag to your friends about how indestructible your socks are.

74-You know your a boyscout when you play catch by bouncing Nalgene's off rocks.

75-You know your a boyscout when someone says "I just broke my arm" and you respond immediately with" its okay I brought duct tape".

76-You know you're a boyscout when people don't believe you that the lighter in your pocket is not there to light up cigarettes but to light up camp-fires.

77-You know you're a boyscout when more than half of your Facebook groups have something to do with scouting.

78-You know your a boyscout when people hear your summer schedule of camps and meetings, and look at you like you're crazy, and then you tell them that its your down time, then they know you are off your trolly!

79-You know your a boyscout when you have a separate drawer just for camp shirts.

80-You know your a boyscout when you invite 108 of your friends because they would fit into this group.

81-You know you're a boy scout when for a solid week after getting home from camp you have an insatiable urge to string up a bear bag before going to bed.

82-You know you're a scout when you know why Jalapeño Squeeze cheese is so funny.

83-If you've ever used a compass to walk from the Bedroom to the kitchen and then triangulated up a couple trees to the pantry.

84-You know you're a Scout when you and your significant other met while working at camp, and over half the people at your wedding were scouts. (also, as a side note, our boyscout troop helped set up at the wedding and our Rover Crew cleaned up afterwards!)

85-You know you're a scout when you watch Survivor and you are sure you could do so much better!

86-You know you're a boy scout, when you can get a meal by using an ordinary pocket knife and a long stick.

87-You know you're a boy scout, When you drive better in reverse than forward.

88-You know your a boy scout when tents are optional...along with a shelter at all.

89-You know you're a scout when you read through this whole thing laughing, but still have at least 10 more reasons in your head that you're contemplating adding.

90-You know you're Boy Scout when you run the mile in gym, everyone else is on the ground dead, and you say,
("That was just a warm-up for the 10 mile night hike, right?")

91-You know your a boyscout when your youth group goes on a 3 mile hike and your the only one that knew to bring water and a first aid kit.

92-You know you're a Boy Scout when you refer to the chipmunks on campus as "Mini-bears."

93-You know you're a Boy Scout when you come home from a camping trip and your nice tan washes off in the shower.

94-You know you are a boyscout when you chop your toothbrush in half to save weight when backpacking.

95-You know your a scout when your in an aeroplane and you are correctly pointing out towns, your camp and your house from 20,000 feet... just because.....

96-When you lap a guy in the mile swim that started ten minutes before you. Then take a victory lap when finished. Maybe that's a cross between NASCAR fan and Boy Scout.

97-When the stuff that Les Stroud does in Survivor man is reliable to things you've done in Cub Scouts.

98-You know your a Boy Scout if your the only one who sees the true beauty of the natural view, but then have to figure out how to get back down the mountain to the rest of the group.

99-You know your a boyscout when you get back from camp and realize you've had 12 hours sleep in 60 hours.... and you have a Biology test the next day.

100-You know you're a scout when you wont even consider buying white clothes because you know they'll end up a different colour.

101-You know your a boy scout when you start off a sentence by saying "this one time at camp..." .

102-You know you are a Boy Scout when your closet is 90% Olive Green and Khaki.

103-You're know you're a boy scout when you remember being 16 and still wearing the same scout shorts you wore when you were 10. or hand me downs.

104-You know your a boy scout when you watch CSI and think "i could do better... whats taking them so long to figure this out?".

105-You come home from a jamboree and walk down the street at home and want to say hello to everyone you walk past, because it just feels natural

106-You know your a Boy Scout when your in the mountains on a family vacation a few states away from home and you run into a group of scouts that you know hiking in the mountains.

107-When you have fonder memories of your first Camp than you do with people.
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