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Running free, see the sky no is not a word on which I rely.
Lay me down in pasture green, see the willow sway the beam

Bugs, Blow pipes, signals smoke or flag, games of honour fast the tag.
Stand deliver fight or run, see the snake the wolf, rejoice, the sun.

Swim, clime, from trees swing, mud and sand, stream full to brim.
Racing, crawling through the scrub, woo, it's so much of this I love.

Shouting, laughing, sounds the tide, finding ones first bee hive.
What more would satisfy me. A scout alive full and free

Warm the fire, slight the song as if a whisper of a dream.
Nay, no oh hay ho.. 'Tis the scouting life for me.

Ray O'Deh '09

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