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Here is an article from the Jamboree Journal from 1954 Pg. 363 _ Thought you would find it both amusing and poignant


1) You must know Exactly what you want done as a first step. Think out carefully the steps to it and the possible mistakes that might arise in its execution.

2) Then put your instructions into short and simply-worded orders which can
be understood by the least intelligent scout
3) And don't forget - for this is a very important point which is generally forgotten - to tell the reasons for the instructions.

4) Add a smile: for a cheery commander gets willing obedience

5) Give responsibility to the Patrol Leader or scout concerned. Expect them to
carry out the order, and what ever you do, don't start doing the work yourself.
Sit back and let them do it - otherwise you will always have them leaning on you to help them

Here is another from:

Never lose your temper with him (your enemy). If you are in the right there is no need to, if you are in the wrong you can't afford to.

One more from.

That spark of love that exists in every man, if not exercised, wastes away and
dies; but it put into practice it grows, bigger and stronger and more exhilarating everyday

From the VOICE of the master...

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