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A little poetry:

Wisps of smoke drift along a warm summers breeze, canvass flaps, a starling frightened, soars upwards towards the sun, as it slips behind the dark oaks. The flag silhouetted, strangely comforting, yet stark; After fun, laughter and sunny days. Friends away and Camp-fire Nights. With strains of 'Last Post', filtering my memories ear, the smell in my nostrils of ash burning slow and sweet, Oh! what a happy, jolly place to be, shared with Scouting memories
Ray O'Deh © 95

If you can keep on Scouting, when all around are sniggering at you,.
If you can bear the nuisance of silly men and rude.
If you can play the game as B-P. did, through & through.
If you can live the life of Scouting to the full, not listen to the world who laughs at you.
If you can pass the fun and learning of scouting on to friends, who look too you for strength to be mature and approve Then you will have shown that Scouting is not a ruse, but formed to teach us fun, adventure, growth, truth and peace.
Ray O'Deh ® 1996

Best wishes to you all, and good Scouting.



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