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The Traditional Neckerchief- a 32 in by 32 in square cloth (they can be purchased in different sizes and are not square any longer-- however that  depends on the unit.  Cotton is best however I have seen other materials used, even wool (oh so scratchy).  Cost and time is a factor.  The  Colour(s) are determine by home unit or IHQ,  and is to be worn by each scout. Leaders should wear them to serve as an example (honestly if you do I hold you in high regard, others not so much).  The Neckerchief is over the collar around the neck. Absolutely not under the collar or around the shoulders or hanging from the pocket or anything else.

The ring, woggle, neckerchief slide can be a unit design, an organization/national  design, a tied knot friendship/scout knot or a hand carved neckerchief slide.  The unit should set a policy but not be too authoritarian; scouts should be encouraged to carve or create their own. But do not use the Woodbadge two strand leather woggle if you didnt earn it.

 Neckerchiefs do a lot of things;as a first aid resource, unit cohesion, for safety, as a flag, emergency item, unit identity, morale builder and so on.  The Necker/Neckerchief is symbolic of the the Scout Movement and should not be overlooked or dismissed. 

Just remember  the Scouts do not set policy for units or for uniforms, and Scout units are not led by consensus but by Leaders.  I know most of you already know these things  but new leaders dont.  I had a  new Scoutmaster (BSA) who allowed the boys to vote on Patrol names and neckerchiefs, that is the wrong answer, the scouts picked ridiculous names for patrols and voted not to wear neckerchiefs.  As the unit commissioner,  I spoke harshly to the Scoutmaster about this and he shrugged his shoulders.  If a scout has nothing but three fingers and a neckerchief, everyone knows what that that scout is all about, no questions asked.

There is an effort to diminish and destroy those scout ideals, dont become complacent.  Lead from the front or get to the rear.....How is your Recruiting going? My challenge to all the Facebook Scouts and Adults playing scouts,--- is to start units now and get your necker on. Three fingers and a bright coloured necker is all you need to gather scouts and friends.

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