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National Scouting Organization (Local) against the Traditional Scouting

our National Scouting Org. in a local level is against our unit the P-RESA SILOY even though we are openly doing our activities not connected to the National Org. 

we inform that the P-RESA is a Voluntary and non-Member of WOSM and the Nat. Scout Org. in our country 

my Scout members were being offered by anything by the local council just to stop participating in P-RESA.

my question is this... I the P-RESA became a threat to their Scouting Program or it is P-RESA has a better Program than the NSO Local level? 

what in the world why the offer my co-members to stop participating the traditional Scouting? 

do the want that my co-members be in their unit so that they will have the ideas of our Scouting program?

or simply because the Leadership of the P-RES is better than their corrupt and Untrained leaders under their Scouting program,,

the P-RESA Siloy dont have any support yet we have lot of activities,

the P-RESA Siloy dont have the Department of Education and the Finance of the Local Government yet we have a Community based Scouting outreach activities .

"it is not the problem of why P-RESA Siloy Leaders has the better Program than their, it is their Leader of the NSO doing nothing for the benefits of the Boys(Scouts)"

 We Volunteer share our skills and abilities for free , but they NSO is doing this for Civil Service accreditation and of their own personal agenda and wages...

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My Dear Brother,

This is a problem around the world - WOSM do not like competition.

I suppose one needs to take a stand for one of the other ... 

I know this will be hard, but if the families, who's youngsters are your mebers are willing ot support you you should be ok and be doing the Traditional way.

We can and do supply badges as we produce our own.

The cost is minimal as you only purchase what you need to use ..

Let me know what ideas you have to combat this issue with the local association Ok 

Hope and pray all will go well

Good scouting to you all..



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