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Baden - Powell, R: Lord Robert Baden - Powell of Gilwell founded the Scout Movement in 1907.
Beret: Traditional Rover headgear, dark green or black in colour.
 Beret Commissioners:  Headgear, Fawn in colour
Cap: Traditional Sea Scout headgear, blue and white in colour.
BP Award: The Baden - Powell Award. The top award in Rover Scouting.
Business Meeting: A uniformed meeting of the Crew members.
Camporee's: An event when many Crews Groups or Associations camp together.
Chief Commissioner: The Commissioner for the Association - This position is a re-elected post every three years
CC Award: A special award for Scouts and upwards who are exemplary and scout like in their attitude to the Association and scouting as a whole - 'Chief Commissioners Award'.
Ceremonies Book: A book published by (IHQ-SMCH) outlining the correct procedure for all Official Ceremonies, 
Commissioner: A warranted Leader with responsibility for County, District, Area,  HQ or IHQ.
Court of Honour Disciplinary tribunal used when to sort out issues Local / National - Rover Scouts. (SMCH).
Crew:  Rover Section -  Independent, self-supporting unit, containing up to  six members
Crew Executive: Consisting of the Crew Leader, Rover Advisor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Quartermaster, Rovers Mate.- (L-SMCH).
Crew Mate: Rover Mate - A member of  Crew elected to run the  day-to-day affairs. wears two (2) red stripes.
D.C: A warranted  District Commissioner with responsibility a District 
Den: A room of the Scout Hall, or other place in which a Rover Crew meets.
District: An organisational level of Scouting based on City, Council or Geographic Boundaries. Usually contains between five or ten Rover Crews
Epaulettes: Dark green shoulder-boards worn by Rovers With - RESA. Logo on each
Indaba: A meeting of Scouters (Local or World Wide) to discus scouting.
Founder's Day: Annual remembrance of Robert Baden - Powell's birthday (February 22nd).
Government: Rover Government is the system of  National Rover's.  Governed by (IHQ-SMCH).
Gilwell: The Camp site in England where SA leader training used to be the best in the world  (Old Scout Song : 'Back to Gilwell Happy Land' ).
Gilwell Scarf: On completion of  wood Badge SA Scouters awarded a Gilwell Scarf  & beads - If have/had earned  this award you are entitled to wear  - 'Please do so with pride'. RESA - have a scarf of their own.
ID tapes: Rover identification tapes on their right shoulder Crew Number. on the right pocket showing an embroidered badge . District, Area, County 
ID Badge: Every Rover will have an ID / Warrant Card depending on rank or status
ID Number: ID Number  / Warrant Card will be so scribed with a number.
IHQ: Rover Scoutmasters Court of Honour  - (International Headquarters) - The decision-making body Association
Investiture: Ceremony where a Scout or Squire  is invested into a Troup or Crew
Jamboree: A world event where Scouts camp together (Possibly the most amazing event in World).
Leader: AN adult warranted Leader with responsibility for running a Crew or Section.
L.C: Local Rover Crew (Some times refer as Local Crew or Rover Crew).
LRC: Local Rover Council (Local Scoutmasters Court of Honour).
Lone Rover: A member who is unable due to being away from home, In the services, away at School, College, University or Lives in a remote area etc
Medal of Merit: Scouting award for people or groups in cases where they have 'displayed courage, endurance, initiative, or devotion to duty, often under sufferance
Moot: A gathering of Rovers from around Country or the world
Office Bearer: One who holds a specific position, e.g.: Association Secretary, within the Movement. Usually used in connection with IHQ or L.C
P.R: Public Relations for Rovers 
Publications: All publications of the Rover Explorer Scouts Association - These must be sanctioned by IHQ (IHQ-Scoutmasters Court of Honour) (This means that we get a free copy really)
RC: Each - Rover Crew - Patrol of 6 or 7 members
RA: Rover Advisor - Leader selected by the Crew or IHQ to provide advice and guidance. may be a non Scouter - Advisory only
County / Region: An organisational level of Scouting,. A Region / County would contain a number of Districts, and be responsible to IHQ-SMCH. 'We are in London SW Region / County'
Registration: Each member of the Rover Scout Association is registered with a specific Crew, District or county.  Lone Rovers are reg. With  IHQ-SMCH
Roland Phillips: A great man in scouting who did great work for scouts in the East End of London before going to War. Gave his life in the 1st World War - He gave over his home and other properties to serve as hostels for visiting scouts from all around the world - The Scout Association sold off the properties some years ago, - Roland Phillips memory lives on
Rover Scout: A member of the Rover Scout Section aged 16  +  years
Rover Handbook: The Rover Handbook contains information on all aspects of Rovering. 
RS Bar: Metal clip holding shoulder knots on shirt. metal letters -RS- stands for 'Rover Scout'.
Scout Arrowhead: The Scout Arrowhead - symbol of scouting, although there are several versions world wide 'Our badge is a Black Zulu shield - two crossed hunting arrows over imposed with a traditional 'Red Arrow Head'.
Scarf: A piece of cloth worn around the neck and held together with a Woggle. The IHQ-SMCH. Rovers scarf is grey with a Roland Phillips badge on rear point. If you are registered with any Rover Crew they will have a copy of the scarf lodged and registered at IHQ.
Scout: A member of the Scout Section of an Scout Group, aged 10 -14½ years.
Scout Group: An Organisational, Community level of Scouting. A Group would contain a Wolf Cub Pack, a Scout Troop, Senior Scout Troop and sometimes a Rover Crew. The terms of reference are different with each Association.
Senior Scout: A member of the Older Scout Section of a Scout Group, aged 14½-16½ years.
Scout Movement: Includes all formations, members, and supporters throughout the world.
Scoutmasters Court of Honour (SMCH) The ruling body of the Association - Each County, Area, and Group should be represented..
Scout Craft Star: Part - training towards the Baden - Powell Award. To qualify, See 'RESA 'POR's 2005
Sea Rover Scout: A member of the Association registered with a Rover Crew that specialises in water activities. uniform usually blue See 'RESA 'POR's 2005
Section: A Rover Crew
Section Colours: Each Section has its own colour. Rovers are Red. Shoulder knots have one braid of each colour to represent each Section
Service: Unpaid work for other sections of the Scout Movement and the general public. The Rover Scout motto is - 'Service'.
Service Stars: Small star badges with numbers for each year of Scouting service worn above the left pocket.  The colour of the border represents the section, while the number inside represents the number of years in that section, i.e. a (4) with a green border equals four years in Scout section
Shoulder Knots: Coloured braid (one for each Section of the Association) attached to a Rover's left epaulette. Squires have the ribbons for the junior Sections but not the Red Rover braid or the RS bar until Squire training is completed & they are invested.
Squire Sponsor: A (usually) senior member of the Crew assigned to look after the training of a Rover Squire. As with Lone Rovers - IHQ-SMCH.
Squire: A trainee Rover; who hasn't yet completed the training to enter a Rover Crew usually aged from 16 years - Squires wear only the colours of the junior sections Yellow & Green
Squire Training: Training program for Squires, concentrating on scoutcraft and ethical training (see POR's (RESA) 2005). Lone Rover to complete by correspondence with IHQ-SMCH
Turks head: Woggle made from two intertwined strands of leather forming a Turks head. Worn by Leaders who have completed The Wood Badge Training Course
Uniform: Uniform worn by members of the Rover Explorer Scouts Association, (see POR's (RESA) 2005).
Vigil: Part of Squire Training, where the Rover-to-be, considers how their life is going and if they want to make the commitment to becoming a Rover.
Woggle: A piece of leather or other materials that hold together two halves of a scarf. . Woggle's can be decorative; some Crews have a Crew Woggle, and sometimes special Woggle's are issued for specific events.
Wood Badge: The name of Leader Training program within the Scout Movement of the world . The Wood Badge is awarded after completing all the a stages. (see POR's (RESA) 2007). The Badge consists of a Turks head Woggle, A Fawn Scarf with a Our Own badge on point , and a pair of Wood Beads & a  --- - (O'Donnell Tartan Patch) ---Cloth badge depicting pair of Wood Beads


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