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Hi I'm Trevor
an airscout,
I love my scouting, meeting like-minded people from interesting and beautiful places.
i have an adult and further education teachers certificate, a TEFL and last year on retiring from
the army as a medical technician/musician warrant officer, graduated from a chinese college as a TESOL have completed all i set out to do that year. as a reward to myself i went to the Philippines to visit my lovely friends and attended a school presentation evening.
(i help by donating funds so they can protect the fabric of the school and will do more when given the chance.)
it was a wonderful experience, but found the school like many others; needed support, like, equiment and books, loads of books, lorry loads of books, dictionaries, world atlas, old encyclopedia, and lots of text books for years 1 - 6.
what i would like to ask our friends on this site is to collect and send books to one school for a start, then another which i will get an address for,
my idea is buy of find a book, a new one or old one, enjoy it thoroughly and then put it in an envelope and send it to a school:
like ....
FAO Ms Yasmine Flauta, PAO Elementary School, Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines

Do you think its a supportable idea? we educate these kids all of which are fellow are fellow scouts............................. and we give them a chance of earning a better living...????
what do you guys think?

remember the phrase. give a man a fish - you feed him today
teach him to fish - you feed him forever!!!

Your in Scouting
May your God watch over you and bless you.


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